Laura Stucken

Interior Designer

laura stucken jaws interior designer


Laura joined Jaws Architects in 2017 after extensive experience in Australia and internationally, working on projects from large-scaled commercial workplaces and small offices to towering skyscrapers. Her experience has also included hospitality, a boutique hotel and a National Interior Award winning bar / restaurant warehouse conversion.
Returning after travels Laura worked on a $9 million home in Western Australia which was being designed by a world renowned Barcelona based design firm. Her talents were further recognised with an internship in Barcelona working on projects as diverse as a vineyard wine centre and a large scaled residential project.

She brings to the Jaws team a passion for the built environment, considering the building in its’ surroundings, placing emphasis on the internal space as the core, thus putting the user at the forefront of spatial design. Her passion for the outdoors, whether in the mountains or on the ocean has built a strong appreciation for natural materials and designing places people feel connected to, and her travel has further fuelled and influenced her love for furniture and products and translating this into exceptional interior design solutions.

Laura has fallen in love with the Tasmanian landscapes, history, coast, and community, and the architectural project potential. In her spare time Laura enjoys searching for “small runners” to ride her long board on, travelling, and cooking, especially after foraging for foods, picking herbs, fruits and mushrooms.

Telephone :

(03) 6218 2115