Project Update!

October 16, 2019

Bay Vue Apartments, Sandy Bay.

Recently completed, The Bay Vue Apartment development in suburban Hobart comprises 14 apartments of varying size and orientation. The low-lying site fronts a major arterial road, and offers beautiful views of the River Derwent and kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

Our aim was to maximise the number of apartments on the site without compromising the amenity of adjacent residences. The wings of the complex radiate from a central core on the southern boundary to bathe the apartments with light, capture the views and maintain privacy between apartments. The stepped form of the new structure respects the scale of adjacent buildings and ensures that sunlight is not obstructed which gives each wing a unique character.

We selected materials that combine robustness and warmth, and bring a playfulness to the site. The irregular window placement continues this theme, with screens helping to soften the elevations and mitigate overlooking where required.

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Photography by Adam Gibson.