Dennes Point Shack Now Complete

February 21, 2018

We’re excited to share our recently completed Dennes Point Shack with you!


The Dennes Point shack was designed to be used as both a holiday shack and rental accommodation.

Located at Bruny Island with stunning views of Nebraska Beach & Killora Bay the site was tightly squeezed between the two adjacent properties.


The entry leads up toward a deck forming a relaxed ‘beachcomber’ style entry sequence. Here FC screens to the deck provide enclosure, privacy and necessary separation from the neighbour without relying on fencing and planting. In contrast the open stainless wire balustrade connects the deck to the beach view out and below.

This architecturally designed shack employs robust materials appropriate to its beach side location. Here Barestone FC sheet cladding is used in conjunction with timber highlights on the doors, windows, deck and soffit linings.


Photography by Adam Gibson

The Clipped Wing Sideboard by Simon Ancher Studio


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