Three Capes Track Cabins

Tasman National Park, lutruwita / Tasmania

Status :

Completed 2015

Photography :

Brett Boardman

Lonely Planet describes lutruwita / Tasmania’s extraordinary Three Capes Track as one of the world’s hottest new experiences. For visitors, one of the most memorable parts of this compelling walking experience is staying overnight in the three huts located along the track, conceived by JAWS Architects.

We worked closely with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service to develop these simple, elegant shelters that sit effortlessly in the dramatic landscape of the Tasman Peninsula. Drawing on our experience with prefabrication and transportable structures, we created the huts using repeated and preassembled components that were flown in by helicopter and assembled, flat-pack style, on site by a small team of craftsmen.

This complex project also required us to consider bushfire, bird strike and salt spray and skillfully integrate measures to address these risks into the design. Our innovative solutions included tilting window seats down 20 degrees to reflect the ground (to deter birds) and the extensive use of bushfire resistant timbers. Our sensitive, sustainable design has produced refined, unassuming structures that sit lightly within the landscape and provide an opportunity for people to experience this precious and raw environment in safety and comfort.