St Crispins Well Platform

Mt Wellington, Tasmania

Status :

Completed 2008

Photography :

The drinking water catchments within Wellington Park provide 20% of greater Hobart’s drinking water. St Crispins Well is one of nine intakes on Mt Wellington and the only one with public access. This heritage-listed site is a traditional destination for local walkers and picnickers.

Jaws Architects led a design team to create an enhanced public space at the site which would provide information about water supply and catchment management, highlight the importance of the drinking water supply catchment, promote protection of the natural values of the area and improve employee safety during routine cleaning and testing activities.

Our design for the site employed a thematic approach, using the existing platform as an interpretive space to encourage appreciation of the site and its natural features. The platform and seat are sited to embrace the view of the intake, providing an area where visitors can contemplate and appreciate the natural values of the area while increasing their understanding the site.

The fluid form of the site is a reflection of the rivulet, and messages inscribed into the platform avoid obvious signage, while offering an opportunity for personal connection to the site. The materials used in the development meet the guidelines of the Wellington Park Management Trust and include recycled plastic, local stone and natural timbers. Muted colours were also used to reduce the visual impact on the setting.