Pumphouse Point Shorehouse Addition

Lake St Clair, lutruwita / Tasmania

Status :

Completed 2017

Photography :

Adam Gibson & JAWS Architects

The new addition to the Shorehouse Lounge at Pumphouse Point provides guests with a much needed expansion of communal spaces.

The building connects to the original structure via a minimal glazed linkway, leaving as much of its fabric in place as possible. Dark tinted glass, cement sheet and stained timber cladding blend with the natural surroundings to create a recessive element which allows the original Shorehouse to be clearly interpreted.

The building was prefabricated in Hobart and brought to site in two parts, limiting onsite disturbance to both the environment and guests, whilst avoiding building in the harsh winter weather.

The interiors draw inspiration from the immediate environment and industrial heritage, providing a rich range of furnishings to immerse guests into their surroundings. Timber ceilings, rich custom joinery and furnishings showcase local artisans, creating a warm and intriguing space to further enrich the guest experience of this unique venture.



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