Nomad Pods

Point Nepean, Victoria

Status :

Completed 2018

Photography :

JAWS Architects

‘NOMAD PODS’ by JAWS and Pod Matrix were commissioned through an initiative by Parks Victoria.

The Pods have been showcased at the Melbourne Grand Prix and were designed to be easily transported on their own trailers and can be completely self-sufficient. The feedback from the public has been overwhelmingly positive and we are really excited by the possibilities of this brand new offering.

Josh Muskett from Pod Matrix and Scott Verdouw From JAWS assembled the first of two pods for public viewing for the duration of the Grand Prix. From April the pods will be moved Point Nepean for further public feedback.

For more information on the Vic Parks Pilot visit

Pod Matrix are currently building a 3rd pod. If you would like to take a look, contact us and we can arrange a visit.