Movenpick Hotel

nipaluna / Hobart, lutruwita / Tasmania

Status :

Completed, 2021

Photography :

Adam Gibson

Located on one of nipaluna / Hobart’s principal heritage streetscapes, the Movenpick Hotel was conceived as a ‘family of buildings’, breaking down the overall mass to respond carefully to the scale of the street, the city and the wider geographical setting.

The Podium facade is a considered study of solid and void, drawing on the fenestration, materiality and detailing of the adjacent buildings.

The higher elements are set back, with a design strategy employed which allows the building mass to fracture and slip horizontally and vertically to create the appearance of two towers.

The facades are highly articulated, with painted pre-cast cladding off-set by curtain-wall glazing and a composition of vertical sunshades to define the language of the building.

Public facilities and administration are located on the first three floors, with guest rooms in the levels above providing panoramic views, connecting occupants with Hobart’s beautiful natural setting.