Huon Road House

nipaluna / Hobart, lutruwita / Tasmania

Status :

Completed 2018

Photography :

Adam Gibson

The design of this house was a close collaboration between architect and client, a talented builder who was up to the challenge of building his own home on a steep and narrow block with expansive views over nipaluna / Hobart.

From the outset, a pre-cast concrete sub-structure was chosen to anchor the house to its falling site, with a single level pavilion containing all the living spaces hovering above.

The house is approached from the rear, intentionally sitting low and discrete from the street behind an elevated planter. Entry is deliberately indirect, gained by passing under a low covered roof, through a timber screened privacy wall and across a courtyard to the front door.  The extensive view is revealed only after moving into the open plan living area.

The simple plan is very efficient in its layout with zoning of living and private spaces clearly articulated.

The 3 bedrooms and bathrooms are discretely located, with the main bedroom enjoying views west up the valley.

The material selection was carefully considered to keep maintenance to a minimum, with the external timber screens and rough sawn cladding of Macrocarpa Pine sourced from the North of the state green, stacked and milled especially for the project and left to weather.

Precast Concrete wall panels with Aluminium Fascia panels will also weather gracefully without requiring maintenance.