Dennes Point Shack

lunawanna-allonah / Bruny Island, lutruwita / Tasmania

Status :

Completed 2017

Photography :

Adam Gibson

Sitting on a gentle slope, nestled between neighbouring shacks, the Dennes Point Shack by JAWS Architects is a contemporary dwelling shaped to maintain privacy and take advantage of its
beachfront location. The dwelling is a light and breezy beach shack with bold, formal elements giving it an individual spin.

The building’s roof line mimics the slope of the site. Here the northern ceiling is compressed to minimum height requirements creating intimate living spaces. As the site slopes up away from the beach front, the ceiling also soars upwards allowing for split levelled bedrooms and a bunk loft.

The architectural form of wrapping walls creates an intimate deck, sheltered from the neighbouring properties.  Here FC screens to the deck provide enclosure, privacy & necessary separation from the neighbours without relying on heavy fencing or planting.
In contrast, the open stainless wire balustrade connects the deck to the beach view out and below.

The shack is designed with robust materials and timber highlights  that create a unique & private environment that the inhabitants can unwind in.