Brighton High School

Brighton, lutruwita / Tasmania

Status :

Under Construction

Photography :

JAWS Architects / K2LD

The new Brighton High School is an aspirational and inclusive learning environment with an emphasis on contemporary indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

The Jordan River / kutalayna is a familiar feature of the surrounding landscape, the valley providing a strong geographical connection between the high school and the primary feeder schools upstream.

The river has been both a pathway and an informal boundary for Palawa / Tasmanian Aboriginals over many thousands of years, the river distinguishing the Country of the Big River people from that of the Oyster Bay people, with both groups coming together here regularly for special occasions.

Drawing on this traditional land use pattern, the master planning of the school is defined by two interdependent precincts embracing a central gathering space and focal heart.

The entrance side of the school provides a strong formal edge, defined by structures of a community-based nature, whilst the more porous Learning Communities shape the southern edge.

The central Learning Street forms a natural divide, providing an immersive landscaped space designed for informal learning, quiet contemplation, and passive recreation.

The design creates a strong connection to the area’s sense of place and history, whilst also facilitating an efficient layout which supports a contemporary pedagogical framework that positively contributes to the students’ overall well-being and learning outcomes.


In association with K2LD Architects and Interiors and HBV Architects.