Albuera Street Schoolhouse Apartments

April 30, 2019

The Albuera Street Schoolhouse Apartments by JAWSArchitects have been featured in the Mercury.

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The 1913 Albuera Street Schoolhouse was once the playground of Tasmania’s most famous export, Errol Flynn. The redevelopment of this wonderful heritage property gave JAWS a unique opportunity to peel away layers of unsympathetic additions and alterations that had hidden this building’s beautiful shell.

Our design features four contemporary apartments within the Schoolhouse’s original classrooms—incorporating the crisp, clean lines of the new with the stately beauty of the earlier structure. The minimalist, refined architecture of the new spaces contrasts with and highlights the heritage values of the original classrooms—creating a dramatic and beautiful effect in which the new pays homage to the old.

For more in formation on the project, visit the JAWSArchitects website here.